Research Projects

New Imaging Strategies

  • Angiogenesis imaging
  • Ischemic memory imaging
  • Detection and molecular characterization of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
  • Stem cell tracking
  • Molecular imaging and quantification of pancreatic islet cell mass
  • Cardiac electrophysiology mapping using contrast agents – NIH Pioneer Award
  • Nonlinear IVUS
  • Other ultrasound-based molecular imaging strategies not utilizing microbubbles


Novel Ultrasound Contrast Agents

  • Development of polymer microbubbles
  • Optimization of microbubble adhesion properties using computational modeling of adhesive dynamics


Microbubble Dynamics

  • Dynamic microbubble behavior using ultra-high speed microscopy
  • Mechanisms of action for ultrasound-microbubble-mediated therapy


New Clinical Therapeutic Applications

  • Ultrasound-microbubble-mediated gene delivery via ultrasound induced microbubble destruction
  • Ultrasound-microbubble-mediated drug delivery
  • Therapeutic application of acoustic radiation force to facilitate endothelial cell trafficking
  • Ultrasound-microbubble-mediated microvascular reperfusion